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Welcome to CASTALIAN VISIONS, the official website of Erik Heyninck

LATEST UPDATE - 20 July 2016

19 JULY 2016

Those of you who have visited Castalian Visions before will notice the new lay-out. Indeed: at the evening of this very powerful Full Moon I decided to create some new clothes for my site. The content has not changed much yet, but I intend to spend more time working on this project so lots of things will be adapted, changed and added in the future.

Of course the site will stay online and open during the changes.

May I ask you to read my Copyright page? in case you want to download images or copy texts?
Thank you for your visit, and enjoy your stay !

20 JULY 2016

Many details from the work-in-progress phase that up to now had to disappear when the coloured ones were added, are being added again. By using thumbnails I can now add more content to the pages and at the same time give them a better and less cluttered appearance. I started changing the pages of the traditional media dept from the most recent one and going backwards in time. I won't be mentioning this each time I changed a few more.

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The Most Recently Added Images: